Oct 052011

Letcher, Fabio and I were riding Chandler just now and we were talking about this dude, Matt. I’ve never met the guy and didn’t really know much about him. Now I know he shreds like no other. This is old, but definitely worth a watch.

  9 Responses to “Matt Olson Bio”

  1. Fuck ya man on a mission!! One of the coolest kids out there!!

  2. Hell yeah!!! Thanks for the good words. I am out doing school shows right now, trying to come out with another bangin edit pretty soon! It’s an homer to have this re posted again. Thanks a ton. Love the site

  3. *Honor!

  4. come on homer!!! Like that edit you are riding the bike i hooked you up with in it..holla!!

  5. HE once did a Hurricane on the wallride at chandler!!!!!
    matt is the man.

  6. Oh yeah i forgot about that. I beleave he has done it a few times!!

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